Breakfast on Pluto

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Gone Baby Gone

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-- Trying not to be spoilery but if you watch this come talk to me about the last like ... 10 minutes or so. You'll know why.


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PS: For future notice. I don't cap the whole movie. So my images may be out of sync (with example the 1st picture and 2nd picture are not same scene)
Screencaps are 1280x704.

Let The Right One In

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PS: So far out of 2009. Towelhead and this film have been my favorites. I can't think of a good companion film for this like I have for all the others excluding Breakfast on Pluto.


Jan. 8th, 2009 07:06 pm


WARNING. I would rather subject myself to torture than pay to see this film. The caps are of a cam version my friend had. Be weary. If I hated how the colors turned out I just put the picture in greyscale. WHAT? I can do that. Hah.
Horrrrific )

PS: I do NOT hate the series. I was enthralled with the first book when it first came out but it's not an obsession of mine or anything. So sorry if I ripped on the film.


Jan. 4th, 2009 07:46 pm
I'm going to these posts for my 100 Movies in 2009. Hopefully I'll follow through. If not, hey. I'm not going to do one a day (I've watched 4 movies already this year) but try to just do them when I can. 2010 is pretty long away, so I'm sure I can keep up or catch up. First film:


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Screencaps if interested I did them myself. There unedited and there is only a few.
And by the by because I did vote and I don't want to seem like some ignorant slob but we have the first African American US President in history. 2008. We actually made real history not some Britney Spears/Amy Winehouse/Lindsay Lohan shit but HISTORY.

Thank you guys. He won by 7 million people.

PS: FUCK ANYONE WHO BRINGS UP POSSIBLE ASSASSINATION. Because truth is, if it did happen (and it won't, it can't, please) there will be a race war or riots that will back the crazies back into their corners. Thank you.

PPS: Thank you that I don't have to hear about Palin on a daily/weekly basis ANYMORE.
Even if only [ profile] arabian cares. Kelly performs STUFF LIKE THAT THERE which only got her more fans when she was on AI. Here she is, sounding ALMOST the same.

compare to:


Nov. 24th, 2007 09:10 pm
Bye bye strike.

Friends cut, por favor.

I need to do one. I'm started to feel cluttered by people. Even if you think you shouldn't comment, do. Just because I'm just going to go on a rampage and delete.

This also helps me know who is reading.


Sep. 1st, 2007 02:49 am
My basket is full.

I'm taking a hiatus. Defriend/keep/talk/etc. at will. :/

I will be back before you know it. And yes, it will be longer than a week or two. Hopefully not 6 months like my last hiatus, but we never know.

Reason? I just think I cause too much trouble. I do. I really hurt/offend/scare people. Sorrrrry. I have the Rosie O affect.

Sarah Ames

Aug. 31st, 2007 11:32 am
Hi guys. I know I have been M.I.A a little bit lately. I have just been super busy with work and then thinking about what I'll be doing for college. It's hard being 18. It's even harder thinking about what you'll be doing for the next ... few decades. I feel like no matter where my thought process goes, the thought of one day falling out of love with whatever my career choice will be....daunting. And inevitable for a person like me :/

BUT! ALAS! HOORAY! I bring you another video from Sarah Ames. I think she is ... immensely talented and just BAM! She is young but her voice is so mature, so strong and I love her sound. She is also learning as she goes and can you imagine having that strong of a voice NATURALLY? I know. So. Here is SOBER, originally by Kelly Clarkson. Duh. Duh I'm going to post it for all your viewing pleasures. I would even love it if you pimped it somehow to more people :)

And I posted the link in case you wanted to get her hits or views up by just linking it to people in like AIM messages and stuff. See how I am? See?!

What if tomorrow you died? Or in Livejournal terms, you get suspended/no internet connection/falsely accused of some weird crime and Bolded out? Wouldn't you want your LJ friends to have something? Maybe set up a will per say? Well then you are at the right place.

So, here's how it works. To start things off, if it's you, leave a comment with just your user name. Then other people, will leave you a comment with what they would give you in their pretend will. Or real...but that's all on you.

For instance, if I see [ profile] kingpavlov has put his name. Then leave a comment like: I would leave you Herpes. SEE? It's fun! You show the person how much you care. So, get this meme going. Have fun with it. Don't be mean, guys. That's NEVER cool. Well unless the other person started it, then go Britney Spears post-fame crazy! Anonymous commenting, however is off. :/

I'll get this going! :)

Big News!

Aug. 7th, 2007 01:45 pm
SPOILER: If in fact you are a TWILIGHT fan, it has ECLIPSE spoilers. So be warned, fool!

Heather made art. It's what some may say really pretty! and shiny! and your retinas might pop! and I love it! and just click the damn link, asshole! And leave a comment, y'know? Heather has low self esteem and OCD so she likes to pack a bag full of sanitizer but dirty bad wrong pictures of herself and I'd rather her take that en route to more creative outlets. Just me doing miracles at a time

That was really the whole purpose of this.

SAID LINK: You will love it. I dare you to not love it. Because truth be told, you will fall madly, deeply, truly in love with it
I made *gasp* 101 icons. 1111000001 icons. I know.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Those are the teasers and if you want the rest....clicky click clicky
These are out of order...I think? BUT! I wanted to just well, y'know.

DISCLAIMER: This picspam probably won't help you understand ANYTHING. So watch the show, fool. Need help? Comment and I'll show you where!

This is why I hate peaches... )
New userpics!! 8 of them to be exact. Starting with Mo'Nique! And my Daniel Henney one? Yes! You are jealous. And look at the keywords. Rain/Se7en...see a .. pattern? KOREAN BOYS. I know, I know.

I have to just say I am enjoying Full House what a great comedy/drama. And the acting is superb!

In other news, it's time to go to sleep. Real post in the morning bbz~!

I NEVER DO THESE. It's true. Like the last one I did wasn't even in 07. I don't think at least....

I am just trying to weed out who reads this, who even pays attention. If you want to stay on but you hate friends cuts? Still comment for me then? Win/win/win. I think I used that right! :)

My icon posts and probably fandom will start being public. Yeah......right?

And well thanks for your time! :)

ETA: [ profile] kingpavlov [ profile] peopleareshapes YOU GUYS GIVE ME MUSIC! FTW. You can comment if you really want to..boost my ego

And because I can?

PLEASE GIVE THIS GIRL PROPZ. She is so talented. And I know I don't really push music at you guys (*eyeroll*) I think she has a fresh voice. I'd call it a mix of .... her. She has HER own style. Love it! So either watch this OR go there and get her views up. Thanks!
[ profile] the_grynne asked me these five questions:

It would be less fun... )

PS: I got a last.FM
Real post later, and icons too!

But in the meantime since the book/movie is coming out soon....

Harry let himself go...

That's not mean at all...right?



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