Jan. 8th, 2009 07:06 pm
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WARNING. I would rather subject myself to torture than pay to see this film. The caps are of a cam version my friend had. Be weary. If I hated how the colors turned out I just put the picture in greyscale. WHAT? I can do that. Hah.

-- LOOK. If it ain't good ol' Stemy (as I call her)!
-- I live in Michigan and Taylor Lautner is from Michigan. I should be proud. Should being the operative word. Plus? HIS HAIR. WAS. SO. RIDICULOUS.
-- On the note above rumors are Taylor got booted from the series. Bummmmer. Just when the next film is focused on his character.
-- One of the most horrible book to movie adapatation I ever been privvy to watch. Seriously, God Almighty it stunk.
-- I read the series. It was juvenile at best and cannot hold a candle to the Harry Potter series. But the books are still better.
-- Robert Pattison did a phenomenal job with the task of trying to bring justice to such cheese.
-- Kristen Stewart! I could have expected so much more from you, but then again I understand her. She went into this and it was shot like an indie. A campy horrific indie with no afterthoughts. She shot this piece of utter shit and walked away hoping for straight-to-DVD success. Except, I pray that is why she was so terrible. I really do.
-- I'm looking forward to the new director. It would be so awesome if Alfonso Cuaron did the third one. Just on a 'He makes pretty movies' note. I don't want the next one to be CGI heavy but he did direct the Golden Compass and might know his way with using it (effectively LOL)
-- Good companion film would be Buffy (the movie). Because it's campy but 1.3 billion times bettter.
-- Last but not least. SKIN OF A KILLER? SPIDER MONKEY? Edward by far HAD the best lines. By far.

PS: I do NOT hate the series. I was enthralled with the first book when it first came out but it's not an obsession of mine or anything. So sorry if I ripped on the film.
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